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Upload a spreadsheet to quickly build shipments in bulk

Ready for a faster way to get your loads tendered? Upload a CSV or XLSX spreadsheet containing all your shipments and we’ll automatically enter each shipment into our system, so you don’t have to type it in. We’ll also help consolidate and combine smaller orders into full truckload shipments, so you can quickly tender them out to any contracted carriers.


Make sure your spreadsheet has the right information.

  • Spreadsheet Template Guide (attached PDF): See what shipment information is necessary for a successful upload. Get details on all the fields you can add
  • Spreadsheet Template Example: See how your spreadsheet should be formatted to use this feature.

Anytime you upload a spreadsheet with shipments, we’ll make sure that each Shipment Tracking Number is unique and has not been used before. If the Shipment Tracking Number has been used before, then we’ll ignore that shipment in the spreadsheet you upload.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure your shipment data is ready for upload by reviewing the Spreadsheet Template Guide to see what data is needed for a successful upload
  2. Go to the Convoy website and select Create shipment, then Upload spreadsheet.
  3. Drag and drop the spreadsheet you’d like to upload, or Browse for spreadsheet to select a file on your computer.
  4. Once we finish processing your spreadsheet, review the shipments that have been automatically combined into full truckload shipments. Our suggestions use a weight-based algorithm to recommend orders that can ship as FTL shipments. For any shipment suggestions that don’t work for you, trash that shipment, and it’ll go under Needs consolidation.
  5. Review the items in the left panel under Needs consolidation. You can manually drag anything that has not been automatically consolidated. Simply drag it from the left panel into the Draft box to build a new shipment, or into an existing shipment.
  6. If you’re ready to move forward, select Create shipment to save the shipment, then Assign & Tender to select a carrier. The carrier options that appear here are ones you have contracts with, and have been marked as Preferred.
  7. Choose the carrier that works for you, then select Review shipment

Any shipments that you do not create will not be saved in the system. Once you’re finished booking shipments, you can select Upload another spreadsheet which will let you start from scratch, or you can view all your shipments by selecting Shipments in the left-hand navigation menu.

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