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Tendering a load to a carrier with a rate on file

Shippers can use Convoy’s TMS features to tender loads directly to carriers that have rates on file. 

Assigning a Carrier: 

  • Start building the shipment.
  • Once the shipment is mostly built, you will see an Assign Carriers button appear.Tendering_Shipment_Assign_a_Carrier.png
  • Select Assign Carrier 
  • A list of carriers and rates for the lane you created will appear 
  • Select the carrier you want to tender the shipment to and select Choose and continue


Tender Confirmation: 

On the tender confirmation page, you have the option to customize your tenders before sending it to the carrier. Once any modifications are complete select Confirm and tender


Customizable Options: 

  • Invoice Details - Allows you to add, edit or remove charges relevant to the shipment. 
  • Tendering Options - Provides a time limit for carriers to accept or reject your load as well as customized messaging for your carrier to see when they receive the load.



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