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Tendering a spot load to carriers in your network

With Convoy’s TMS features, you can send rate requests to numerous carriers in your network instantly. 

To send out a request for coverage: 

  1. Create a new shipment
  2. Select the Request Coverage tab at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Choose carriers to add the carriers from whom you wish to receive a bid. 
  4. Once you’ve selected your carriers hit Add carriers and select Done.


Coverage Request

Review the carriers to whom you are sending the coverage request. You can select an expiration time you want to provide to your carrier as well as write out a message if you wish. Select Send Request to send the shipment to your carriers and start sourcing bids.


Coverage Request Notifications

When you edit or change a coverage request, all carriers added to the request will get an email to provide a bid. Additionally, when automated or manually triggered reminders are sent, only carriers who have not responded will get an email reminder. 


Selecting a Carrier

You will receive real time email updates as your carriers respond to your coverage request and accept/decline your tenders. This will also be reflected in the shipment details so you can easily see what responses you have received. 

You can choose a winner and assign a carrier to your shipment by first selecting the View request button on your shipment homepage (this will guide you to an overview of your carrier options).

From this point you have the option to select a winning carrier or send an additional reminder to carriers who have not yet bid on the shipment.

Once you have a winning bid click on your carrier of choice and select the Choose and continue button.


Tender Confirmation

On the tender confirmation page, shippers have the option to customize their tenders before sending it to the carrier. Once complete select Confirm and tender

  • Invoice Details - Allows you to add, edit or remove charges relevant to the shipment. 
  • Tendering Options - Provides a time limit for carriers to accept or reject your load as well as customized messaging for your carrier to see when they receive the load.


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