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Adding lanes and rates

You can manage your lanes and rates within Convoy’s TMS features.

If you have a large amount of lanes to add, email We can provide you support to upload your lane information added to your Convoy account.

To add lanes and rates: 

  1. Select Network in your dashboard sidebar
  2. Select Lanes 
  3. Click Add Lane in the top right corner
  4. A new module will appear.

Lane Details 

In the lane details module, you can add details specific to a given lane

  1. Add in a pickup and delivery city for your lane
  2. Select an equipment type
  3. Select a mileage source. Connect currently pulls mileage from Google Maps. You can opt to use a mileage override instead.
  4. Choose a fuel region your lane should pull fuel from. If you do not utilize a fuel charge, disregard. 
  5. Select Add once complete. 


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