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NEW Insights: Data Analytics and Reporting

With Convoy Insights, understanding the trends and changes in your supply chain has never been easier. On the Analytics page, all of your shipment data from Convoy is displayed in simple, customizable charts and graphs. Data can also be downloaded in CSV or XLSX format from the Data Download page for analysis in other tools.


See data for your shipments on the Convoy website by going to Insights on the bottom of the left navigation bar and choosing “Analytics” or “Data Download”.



The Analytics page summarizes cost and quality metrics as they relate to your Convoy freight. Among other metrics, you can easily measure on-time performance, facility dwell time, and incidental expenses. A set of filters can be found at the top of the page to customize the view.



Data Download offers csv and xlsx data export capabilities for each Convoy shipment. We surface 48 data points on each shipment ranging from fuel spend to facility dwell time, to give you a full picture that can be customized to suit your specific needs. To download the data, click the arrow in the top right corner of the data table, then click the three dots and select your desired output type (csv or xlsx).



Interested in customizing your Convoy Insights view? Please email Convoy’s support team at

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