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Adding a Location

Convoy allows shippers to add and edit locations directly into the website for easy access when tendering loads. 

  1. Once in the shipment builder, select Choose a location... 
  2. Select + Add new location under the dropdown menu.

A new module will appear where you can enter and save important information about the location. Once you save a new location, it will automatically be stored into your account and accessible for future use.


Convoy TMS Users: 

If you are using Convoy’s TMS features, you have the option to add additional charges when creating a location by selecting the manage location-specific charges button at the bottom of the screen. This screen is visible when you are creating a new location or editing an existing one.


Once you select the manage location-specific charges button another screen will appear where you will select add additional charge. From there you can add charges and hit the save button. 



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