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Running a spot auction

Spot auctions are a simple way to understand the price of a lane from any carrier in your network. On the Get a Quote page, enter the locations and dates you want a quote for, select the truck type, and either use Convoy’s Instant Price or click Start spot bid request to set up a spot auction. 

To start a spot auction with your network:

  1. Click Start spot bid request  in the Get a quote tool.
  2. Select carriers to request a quote from. To add a new carrier, click add new carrier. To add carriers in bulk, click Add multiple carriers on the next screen.
  3. After selecting carriers, choose when you want the auction to close and add any additional notes to the carrier. Finally, start the spot auction by clicking Send spot bid request.
  4. After clicking Send spot bid request, each carrier will receive an email detailing the request and a link to the carrier bidding page.
  5. Carriers can enter their bid any time before the auction closes. Bid will appear instantly in the auction summary.
  6. Once bids are collected, you can either award the winner the bid or do nothing. For all auction results, go to the Quotes tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
    1. If you use the Convoy TMS, you can also award the winner and start booking a shipment with that carrier. Learn more here.
  7. Tendering and booking to winner.
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