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Shipment scheduling with Convoy

Convoy is bringing transparency and efficiency to our digital freight network by saving you money when you need it or time when you need it.

If you need Convoy to schedule pickup or delivery, indicate so by selecting Yes. Schedule and confirm my appointment for me. From there let Convoy know what the scheduling flexibility is by indicating the earliest date and latest date. If there are strict pickup or delivery dates, simply select the same date for earliest date and latest date. Convoy offers $20 off your shipment when you schedule pickup and delivery. If your appointments are preset, do not need confirmation, or you set them yourself, simply click claim! Let us know when the appointments are, and you’ll see the discount reflected at the bottom of the page next to the active price. 


Scheduling Resources:

If a pickup or delivery facility requires appointments to be scheduled and does not operate on first come first serve (FCFS) hours, please reference the below for guidance. 

  • Assume drivers travel 50 miles per hour, and a maximum of 500 miles per day. 
    • Same day transit = 0 - 200 miles miles 
    • 1 day transit = 200 - 500 miles 
    • 2 day transit = 500 - 1,000 miles 
    • 3 day transit = 1,000 - 1,500 miles  
    • 4 day transit = 1,500 - 2,000 miles
    • 5 day transit = 2,000 - 2,500 miles
    • 6 day transit = 2,500 - 3,000 miles
  • Please account for 2 hours of loading time at the pickup facility, and 2 hours of unloading time at the receiving facility when scheduling appointments. 
  • Drivers tend to prefer afternoon pickup and morning delivery


Scheduling FAQs:

What are the benefits of scheduling appointments with ideal transit time? 

  • Ideal appointment times attract the most reliable carriers, reduce costs associated with rescheduling and detention, and ensure your load get delivered on time. 

How do I enter these appointments into Convoy’s website?

Where to include appointment numbers/special instructions:

How do I reach out to facilities to schedule appointments?

  • Facilities will schedule appointments through phone, e-mail, or an online portal. If the preferred method of scheduling is not known, most facilities will confirm over the phone. 

What if the facility is unresponsive?

  • If the facility is unresponsive, search online to find additional contacts. 
  • Please confirm your appointment with the facility before booking your shipment.

What if the appointments given provide infeasible transit?

  • If the confirmed appointments do not provide feasible transit, then pickup or delivery will need to be rescheduled to accommodate depending on facility flexibility.  

What if I do not have a login to the scheduling portals? 

  • If the facility schedules through an online portal, create an account with the scheduling portal’s website and proceed with scheduling using this login.
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