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Creating a shipment

In addition to starting a shipment from a quote, you can also start by building a load. After logging in:

  1. Click Create a Shipment in the top right of your dashboard
  2. Enter basic details about your shipment.
    • Shipment Tracking Number: This is your shipment's unique tracking number that the Convoy team will use to reference your shipment
    • PO/Reference Number (optional): This number refers to purchase order(s) being transported on this shipment. Provide these number(s) for ease at pickup and delivery
    • Shipment Notes (optional): These notes will be provided to the driver. Here is where you can add any context needed for the check in process, additional contact information for the driver, etc.
  3. Cargo
    • Internal PO No. : If you have an internal PO or reference number, enter that here. 
    • Customer PO No. : Enter a customer PO number if applicable
    • Weight: Enter the total weight of the cargo up to 44,500 pounds
    • Commodity Description: Enter a description of the cargo, be as specific as you can so we can ensure the right product gets picked up and delivered
    • Item Quantity: Optional for shipments that may have item counts
    • Item Packaging: Select unit packaging applicable to your shipment and the number of units being shipped
  4. Pickup and delivery 
    • Insert pickup and delivery addresses
      • Previously used facilities will populate below, for your convenience
      • To add new facilities, add in the name of the location, the facility address and any relevant contact information
    • Do you need Convoy to schedule pickup or delivery? In order to ensure pickup and delivery appointments and times are set up correctly, let Convoy know if we should schedule or if appointments are preset or windows. 
      • If you need Convoy to Schedule a shipment stop, select Convoy needs to schedule and provide us with earliest and latest pickup or delivery times
      • If a shipment stop is preset with an exact time, select I have scheduled and enter in the date and time
        • This will be shown to the driver as their appointment time 
        • Click the calendar icon to select the appointment date and the appointment time
      • If a shipment stop is a preset Window

        • This is a first come first served (FCFS) appointment window
        • Pickup window starts: Click the calendar icon to select the appointment date and time the FCFS window begins
        • Pickup window ends: Click the calendar icon to select the appointment date and time the FCFS window ends
    • Appointment number (optional): Add any relevant confirmation numbers that may be needed for the appointment
    • Pickup/Delivery number (optional): Add any relevant numbers that may be needed for the pickup/delivery 
    • Driver notes (optional): Provide any information the driver may need that aids in the successful pickup/delivery of this load. 
      • Example: Specific check in instructions or directions

  5. Equipment
    • Select Dry Van or Reefer
    • Add accessorials if applicable. If you do not see an accessorial you need, please contact and we’ll be happy to help you.
  6. Review
    • In order to complete booking, click Review Shipment to review your shipment details, lane, and price
    • Click Save to save your progress at any point and to save shipment for booking
  7. Select Book shipment to confirm and tender the shipment to Convoy. Convoy guarantees shipment acceptance from our reliable carrier network. You’ll get a confirmation as soon as a carrier is assigned, usually within 36 hours of pickup.


Convoy TMS Users: 
Convoy TMS Users have two options after completing step 5 listed above. If you wish to tender the load to a carrier with a rate on file follow the steps listed here. If you wish to request coverage from carriers in your network, meaning they can provide bids on the shipment, follow the instructions listed here.

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