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Dashboard Overview


Your shipper dashboard is where you can view all of your pending, in progress, and completed shipments with Convoy.


Load Details

  • To view the details of a specific shipment, click on that shipment’s row. 

What does each shipment status mean?

  • Pending
    • Unassigned: Convoy is actively matching your shipment with the best possible carrier in our digital freight network.  
    • Accepted: a carrier has confirmed this shipment.
  • In Progress
    • Dispatched: a driver is on the way to pickup.
    • At Pickup: the driver is at the pickup location and is waiting to be loaded, or actively being loaded. 
    • In Transit: the driver has completed pickup and is enroute to delivery. 
    • At Delivery: the driver is at the delivery location and waiting to be unloaded, or actively being unloaded. 
    • Delivered: the driver has completed delivery.
  • Completed
    • Archived: shipment has been archived by shipper. 
    • Cancelled: shipment was cancelled.
  • Alerts: filter by “Alerts” to view all loads with active exceptions.

Searching, filtering, and ordering by shipment details

  • The search bar at the top of the dashboard allows you to search by Shipment tracking number, PO number, Convoy load ID, and pickup or delivery location name.
  • You also have the option to filter your shipments by status, date and location name.


Convoy TMS Users: 

Convoy TMS Users will see two additional sections titled "Orders" and "Network." 

The Orders section is where you can turn your orders into shipments that can be easily tendered to carriers in your network. More details about how to use this feature can be found here

The Network section is where you can manage your lanes and carriers. These subsections include rates on file for each lane, scorecards and carrier contact information. More details on these subsections can be found here

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