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Understanding Carrier Scorecard and Metrics

Convoy's Carrier Scorecard gives you the information you need to make data-driven routing decisions. You can review each carrier’s scorecard to understand their response rate, acceptance rate and response time before tendering new shipments. The Carrier Scorecard gives you confidence that you are entrusting your freight to the right carrier, every time. 

To view a carrier's scorecard, select the carrier tab nested under the network section on the side navigation bar. Then select view next to the carrier’s name.  

The carrier scorecard provides performance summaries of a carrier across three key metrics. 

  • Response rate: The percentage of tenders that have received an 'Accepted' or 'Rejected' response as a percentage of total tenders issued to the carrier. 
  • Acceptance rate: The percentage of tenders that have received an 'Accepted' response as a percentage of tenders issued to the carrier. 
  • Average response time: The average time between the creation of a tender and receiving a tender response (Accept or Reject). Measured as the time elapsed between a shipper clicking "confirm and tender" on the carrier assignment screen and a carrier selecting "accept load" or "reject load." 



The carrier scorecard metrics are filterable by time. Time filter will adjust the calculation based on the time-frame chosen. Filters include:

  • All-time
  • YTD: Year-to-date
  • MTD: Month-to-date 
  • 90d: 90 day rolling window
  • 30d: 30 day rolling window 

Separately, underneath the carrier scorecard, shippers can view lanes containing a detailed log of all the active and expired lanes to which the carrier was assigned. Select view to manage carrier lane agreements.  

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