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How do I understand carrier and lane performance?

Lanes are a key component of the routing guide. Lane Scorecards provide you insight into how lanes perform across a variety of service and financial metrics. 

To view, click view on any lane under the Network tab, All Lanes. 

The lane scorecard provides performance summaries of a lane across a few key metrics:

  • Carriers: Count of carriers with active lane agreements 
  • Shipments: Count of all shipments 
  • Total spend: Sum cost of shipments run on the lane 
  • Average spend per shipment: Total spend/total shipments 
  • Response rate: The percentage of tenders that have received an 'Accepted' or 'Rejected' response as a percentage of total tenders issued to the carrier. 
  • Acceptance rate: The percentage of tenders that have received an 'Accepted' response as a percentage of tenders issued to the carrier. 
  • Average response time: The average time between the creation of a tender and receiving a tender response (Accept or Reject). Measured as the time elapsed between a shipper clicking "confirm and tender" on the carrier assignment screen and a carrier selecting "accept load" or "reject load." 

The lane scorecard metrics are filterable by time. Time filter will adjust the calculation based on the time-frame chosen. Filters include:

  • All-time
  • YTD: Year-to-date
  • MTD: Month-to-date 
  • 90d: 90 day rolling window
  • 30d: 30 day rolling window 
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