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Configure bulk upload settings

Learn what settings are available to make the bulk upload tool work better for you and your team.


Shipment suggestion settings

When you upload a spreadsheet, we use a weight-based algorithm to recommend orders that can ship together as full truckloads.

  • The minimum and maximum weights are used to determine how the system will group orders together, to form full truckload shipments
  • If the order’s weight is too small, or too large, then no suggestion is made
  • Any orders that are not suggested remain in the Open Orders panel on the left side of the screen

If the system finds multiple orders that ship from the same pickup and delivery locations on the same date, then it will auto-consolidate these as a suggested full truckload shipment. Additionally, if the total weight of the suggested full truckload shipment does not fall within the minimum and maximum weights you provided, then the system will not suggest a full truckload shipment.


Any orders that are not automatically consolidated will appear in the Open Orders panel on the left side of the screen.


“I only ship full truckload” toggle

When selected, the system will treat each row in your spreadsheet as a shipment and will not try to automatically suggest full truckload shipments.


Apply shipment defaults to each item in your spreadsheet

If your shipments typically require the same details, you can configure Shipment Defaults. This information will be used for every shipment that you create through the Bulk shipment upload.



For any one-off shipments that require different details, add that information to the spreadsheet you plan to upload, by reviewing the Spreadsheet Template Guide (attached).

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