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Pricing programs

Convoy offers our customers a variety of pricing program options. Information about each of these can be found below.

Instructions for submitting a pricing request can be found here

Spot Pricing

  • Convoy generates real-time pricing based on our proprietary algorithm which uses AI and current market conditions to give you the best Spot rate available. We guarantee that we will cover the load at the price we quote. No delays. No negotiating. Just peace of mind.

Live Contract Pricing

  • Primary - A primary contract is right for you if you need guaranteed coverage on lanes with predictable volume. Primary contracts will protect you from market volatility, with Convoy’s promise of guaranteed rates and reliable capacity, even when the market is tight. Primary rates allow you to accurately forecast freight costs for the upcoming quarter or year, even if truck prices rise. Deviations from committed volume may result in a Convoy representative reaching out to discuss program adjustments that better suit your needs.
  • Backup - Because primary carriers can reject loads due to market shifts, unpredictable volume surges, or other unforeseen events, it’s always a good idea to have backup contracts with reliable carriers.  This will help you avoid the volatility of the spot market even when your primary carrier is unable to accept the load. Adding Convoy as a backup carrier is a great option as our digital freight network makes rates and capacity instantly bookable, saving precious time and money when primary contracts fail.

Guaranteed Primary Pricing

  • Guaranteed Primary eliminates the need for an RFP on any lane. Instead, you allocate all volume on the lane to Convoy and agree to a low fixed margin. In exchange, Convoy provides a dynamically generated rate prior to tendering, with 100% tender acceptance, plus full transparency into our costs and performance. Compared to traditional freight contracts, Guaranteed Primary can substantially reduce your shipping costs. And, unlike traditional contract rates and cost-plus programs, Guaranteed Primary is based on a predictive pricing algorithm that allows you to see the rate in advance of tendering, so there’s no need for any billing reconciliation.

To request contract rates or further discuss one of Convoy’s offerings, please email or your dedicated Account Manager. You can also learn more about our pricing solutions here.

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